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Children’s theme parks, water parks, attractions in Thailand

Water attractions, bright shows, puppets and master classes – what are the options for outdoor activities in Thailand prefer families with children? Tourism authority of Thailand called 6 theme parks, which are definitely worth a visit in the country “white elephant”…

Children’s theme parks, water parks, attractions in Thailand
In this review – amusement parks for every taste: with exciting roller coasters, fun water attractions, playgrounds or fabulous walking areas.

A distinctive feature of Thai theme parks from Western and European – low price. Most parks have hotels, restaurants and gift shops. Adults will be able to enjoy the rest, and children will have a great time and remember the family holidays in Thailand for years to come. So, let’s go through our TOP list:

Theme Park with many attractions Dream World in Bangkok
You dream to get to the world of movie heroes and favourite children’s fairy tales? In Bangkok, in the Thanyaburi area, there is Dream World – a theme Park with many attractions. Here you can visit the snow residence of Santa Claus and feed the animals on the farm of Uncle Sam, see the giant’s House and the Castle of Sleeping beauty. Visit 45 attractions and water slides of the Park will be interesting and exciting for both children and adults.

Dream World in Bangkok
A trip to the Park is better to plan for the weekend, when there is a colorful carnival “Colors of the world”. Here you can meet the heroes of your favorite fairy tales – dwarves, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

In the natural garden of dreams, even little travelers can ride water bikes on the lake. And the cable car Dream World allows you to see the magic of the Park from the height of bird flight. Before you go home, you should stay for an evening colorful show (for example, show stuntmen), which will be a beautiful end of a busy and fun day.
The water Park and rides of Ramayana Water Park Pattaya
You can experience the thrill in the largest water Park in Thailand – Ramayana Water Park, which is located 15 kilometers South of Pattaya. Water attractions are divided into many groups – slides extreme descent and rafting, slides with a smoother slide and many others.

Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya
In Ramayana Water Park there is a “lazy river” with a length of 600 meters with waterfalls and geysers, as well as pools with double waves of different heights. On land, young visitors to the Park can go through a children’s maze, see the floating market, and their parents visit the bar-pool or play beach football/volleyball.

Water Park and theme Park rides 2 1 from the book of Guinness world records Siam Park in Bangkok
A unique engineering project in Thailand is considered Siam Park – the famous amusement Park and water Park in Bangkok. The giant high-speed water slide of the Park and the pool with man-made waves are listed in the Guinness Book of records.

Siam Park in Bangkok
Thanks to 7 bright towers located at the entrance, Siam Park gives the impression of a fairy-tale castle. The festive atmosphere is supported by si and am Kittens. Heroes will help to Orient in 5 zones of the Park, including a water Park and attractions.

Water amusement Park with winding river across continents with slides and Splash Jungle fountains in Phuket
Another interesting location worth visiting with children is Splash Jungle water Park in Phuket. It was developed by a team of White Water Industries from Canada, known for water attractions in the parks of Sea Word and Disneyland in the United States.

The winding “river” with artificial current carries visitors of the water Park through 7 thematic zones – Latin America, Exotic Asia, Northern Europe, Turkey, Africa, North America and Antarctica.

Splash Jungle in Phuket
Entertainment in the water Park is also represented by a large town with slides and fountains. Guests staying at the nearby Splash Beach Resort enjoy a 30% discount on the water Park.
The Park is a jungle with waterfalls, areas of attractions for surfing and climbing Vana Nava Hua hin
Water attractions of water Park Vana Nava in Hua hin are waterfalls, areas of attractions for surfing and climbing. Children will love the jungle zone, in the middle of which is built a tower with seven slides of varying degrees of extreme for different age groups, as well as a pirate fortress with a special chip – bucket filled with water. This structure is periodically overturned, drenching visitors to the pool intense flow, like a tsunami.

Vana Nava Hua hin
Free access to the water attractions of the water Park Vana Nava in Hua hin can tourists staying at the Holiday Inn Resort Vana Nava Hua Hin.

Tribhum theme Park in the genre of “fantasy” with virtual slides and trail traveler, with mythical creatures and real fireflies in Phuket
The list of popular tourist attractions in Thailand and the world in 2019 was supplemented by the newest theme Park – “TRIBHUM – Three mystical worlds”, which opened in Phuket and became the first adventure Park in the genre of “fantasy”, combining fairy tales and myths of the country. Thanks to modern technology, tribhum Park visitors can travel to the mystical realm of Siamese fantasies and choose one of the thematic areas – “the Magical world of the forest”, “Silver world of the mountains” or “Underwater world”.

TRIBHUM in Phuket
Guests of the Park will be able to ride on virtual slides, pass the path of the traveler on land and water, meet with mythical creatures and see real fireflies. In addition to the thematic areas, tribhum is worth a visit to the flying theater and walk along the glass bridge Crystal Path at an altitude of 20 meters.

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