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What tourists need to know about the country where there is a Ministry of happiness?

Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, now living king of Bhutan, is the smartest man. Thanks to the Oxford education of the young monarch knows what is missing Western tourists, and therefore gradually transforms its state in the country of dreams…

The king of Bhutan with his wife
The dream for foreigners, which involve the Bhutan rumors about the miracles that are inaccessible external to the civilized world. But the king, do not be a fool, also made it so that the local wealth can not be brought out, plus no attack from the outside does not leak, will not settle on Bhutanese land. How did he manage that?

The information blockade for the benefit of
Until 1999, even television was banned in Bhutan, and therefore, although now there is even the Internet and mobile communication, the local people do not have the habit to draw information “from the box”. As well as to be blunt from talk shows, to believe media-scams and fear painted in Hollywood horror stories. The less you know – better sleep in their mountain Paradise.

Bureaucracy for tourists
You smoke? And even if not, pay a fine in advance, and will leave the country – will be considered. A foreigner at the entrance to Bhutan is obliged to fill in a large folder of documents, sign a whole set of restrictions and pay all expenses in advance. Not only accommodation-food, but also air tickets, taxes, tour operators and guides, visa, Smoking fee and insurance. This is to weed out the lion’s share of tourists-slackers, and at the same time to guarantee compensation for all the problems that will create an overseas guest.

Mixed marriages are illegal
Who wants to be engaged in mixing of sacred Bhutanese blood with any barbarians from other lands – out of the country. The king lived where democracy reigns, sipped the air of the world of total freedoms and does not want to see anything like this at home. In parallel, it solves the problem of preserving the unique gene pool of the people, who for centuries lived almost in isolation, but did not degenerate.

To fill the longing of nothing
Alcohol, tobacco, drugs – all this is almost legal. It is necessary to spend a lot of money and even more time to get the desired substances and find a place for their safe use. That is, to drink, to smoke, but very difficult. Or Vice versa – in fact, the growing alcoholism in Bhutan is considered a pressing problem, but all alcoholics already have an extremely low social status, and therefore are not afraid to take risks.

Crime is still there
Before the construction of the first normal road in history in 1960, there was no crime in Bhutan as such. Due to lack of prerequisites. Now there are, but still at a very low level, some offenses here are situational, spontaneous, and to live on the other side of the law on a permanent basis Bhutanese consider a disgrace.

Ministry of happiness
Yes, this is not just there, but also considered the leading state institution of the country. This is such an analogue of the Ministry of Finance in Bhutanese, where instead of the gross product, people and the state are measured in the sense of happiness. Money, wealth, prosperity – is evil, and the traditional ways of enrichment necessarily lead to lies and wrong assessment of who really lives well, and what the authorities need to do to make it even better. In 2005, during the last census, 51.6% of Bhutanese people ticked the box “happy”, another 45.2% “very happy”. Here and draw conclusions.

No homeless
In Bhutan, vast territories de facto have the status of reserves – no one is in a hurry to build up the city skyscrapers, plow the ground and do other stupid things. The country is small and there are few people, but everyone can come to the king and ask for a plot of land for the construction of a house and a vegetable garden. If there is a real need – will not refuse. Therefore, there are no homeless and poor.

Nature that foreigners dream of
Bhutanese so respect the land on which they live that voluntarily abandoned overseas delicacies, and along with fertilizers and other chemicals for growing food. It is better to eat modestly and be healthy, like great-grandfathers, than to Deplete the land and gain weight.
Bhutan, Asia
By the way, here all the traditional vegetarians, because the laws prohibit fishing and killing animals, even for food. Peaceful people, not bloodthirsty.

Jeans not find
As well as iPhones, gold watches, wireless headsets and other accessories. Even more, the Bhutanese are required to dress in traditional clothing, the benefit has historically been very convenient for the local climate.

Traditional clothing of Bhutan
And fabrics are made from local raw materials, the old-fashioned way, which ensures stable work of family workshops and care for the environment. Those who want or need to stand out from the crowd will be offered different colors of clothing.

Medicine two and both are free
Probably, Bhutan is the only place in the world where patients are officially offered to choose: to be treated by traditional methods or by modern standards? In most cases, there is no big difference, and the cost of services is identical.

Showcase and inside
Of course, there are in Bhutan and drug addicts, and murderers, and terrorists from Indian groups, there are sick and unhappy people, and there are those who would like to escape from these damned mountains, which until recently seemed frozen in the middle Ages. But, first, they are very few. Secondly, tourists will be led to the other side and a heavy stick will show where it is not necessary to go.

The king of Bhutan and Prince William
King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk tried to make the country an alternative form of Paradise, where peace, philosophical wisdom and mutual understanding prevail. Come to visit, enlighten, but do not forget to leave and take your with you. Bhutan does not need mass tourists, here on the outskirts of the world, and without them very well.

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