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Regions Bali for a beach holiday and surfing

The Indonesian island of Bali has long gained fame as the “last Paradise on earth”, where, as befits such a status, there is everything in abundance…

Regions Bali for a beach holiday and surfing
The expert together with VITO RUSSIA traveled all over the island, got acquainted with different images of Bali, made for you the TOP locations, and also prepared useful tips. This article is about beaches and surfing.

Bali locals consider “the island of gods”. According to legend, the higher powers were so bewitched by the local beauty that they decided to rule the world from Bali.

Despite the fact that Bali is part of Indonesia, this is a very special island, the enclave of “endobodies” in the country, and its way of life, its philosophy and rules. You feel it from the first minutes of the trip around the island – which are at least tens of thousands of scattered temples everywhere.
“Paradise beaches” in the style of “bounty” or rather look at the Islands of Gili, in Sanur and Padangbai
Contrary to popular belief, Bali is a classic beach place. Once on this island, you will quickly realize how big the difference between real Bali and instagram. Heroes latest love to put gorgeous pictures of beaches under the obligatory hashtag #’ve Skazochnaia.

But in reality, “kopalnych” the beaches here are not so much. Yes, we do not belittle the beach advantages of Bali, just advise not to have illusions about the huge number of beaches in the format of “Paradise”. Everywhere there are nuances: somewhere big waves, in places where there are no waves – often the beach itself is “average”, ideal and the beach and the sea – so it can be crowded, etc.

And yet, the vast majority of Russians go to Bali for the beaches. Let’s look at the beach areas of Bali more closely and objectively.

For convenience, consider the popular areas in the South and South-West of the island – Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Bukit Peninsula.

The nearest airport to Bali Ngurah Rai international airport is Kuta area, it is ranked among the budget resorts of Bali. Kuta is like a patchwork quilt: temples with deities dressed in yellow, red, white and black clothes, motley bright audience, a lot of bars and shops, eternal traffic jams.

Indonesia. Bali. Kut
If you want to enjoy a beach holiday, Kuta is probably not suitable for you. The beaches here are dirty, and not to say that picturesque. Private beaches, of course, cleaner, but still far from ideal.

If you rent a room in the guest house and want to get to the private beach, remember that they are paid. However, if you do not go to the beach through the hotel lobby, and just come to it from the coastline (no fences), you will not have to pay, the only thing that will relax without a sunbed.

But still Kuta is quite a beach story. Basically, here stop novice surfers. There are a lot of surf schools in this area (there are surf camps with Russian-speaking guides), so you can safely hire an instructor and learn this sport, and in the evenings visit bars. But snorkeling or diving is better to do on the Eastern shores of the island, in the area of Amed, there are the main diving centers of Bali.

Among other things, Kuta – it is also a lot of excellent massage parlors. In fact, the SPA industry on the island is very developed. There are more massage parlors here than eateries. Naturally, the level is different – from 200 rubles for a massage to 3-5 thousand rubles. The price does not depend on the quality of service, but on comfort.

Minimum prices are offered by street salons, if you want to get a massage in a relaxing atmosphere with soft background music, special aroma oils, tea at the end of the session, then you have to pay about 2 thousand rubles.

Why, when we talk about SPA, we focus our attention on Kut? Because after a long flight from Russia massage is the first thing you want to get from Bali.

Before moving on to other regions, we will give you advice. Upon arrival in Bali immediately buy a local SIM-card, you can at the airport. With it you will be very convenient, for example, to call a bike taxi through the application GoJek. In addition to the budget movement around the island, through the app you can order food and even a governess.

For those who want to rent a bike (public transport in Bali). Remember that you need to drive a bike right – or international law category A, or Asian (obtained in Bali or, for example, in Thailand).

It is possible and without rights, availability check, mainly between Kuta and Canggu but it’s risky. If you are stopped without a license, you will have to pay a fine of more than 200 thousand rupees (about 1 thousand rubles).

Kuta beaches are weak to spend a relaxing holiday there, especially with children. Those beaches that are closer to the airport – not very well maintained, in the Central part of the resort the picture is better, but there are disadvantages in the form of large waves.

The resort of Nusa Dua coast is protected by a breakwater in the form of a coral reef. The beaches themselves are clean and beautiful, the level of beach infrastructure is higher than in Kuta – but the prices too.

Indonesia. Bali. Nusa Dua
In the area of Canggu, which is located about 10 kilometers North of Kuta, the beaches are better than in Kuta, and there is much quieter: no noise and traffic, you can really relax. As for the waves, they are, and sometimes large: in the afternoon, as on many other beaches of Bali, the tide begins.

Indonesia. Bali. Chang
Not far from Canggu is Seminyak area with wide sandy beaches. The beaches of Seminyak are similar to the beaches of Kuta (they are also better to use for running, games than for lying), but at times cleaner. On the shore there is always a rental of sun loungers with umbrellas.

As for privacy, it is not here, because Seminyak is very loved by party-goers and shoppers from all over the world. Of course, the leader in the number of bars, clubs, good restaurants in Bali Kuta, but Seminyak, every year gaining popularity, already “comes on his heels.”

Indonesia. Bali. Seminyak
The picturesque sandy beach of Jimbaran is also very good. You can rent sunbeds, umbrellas and sunbathe, or take a walk along the two-kilometer coastline. Of the minuses – when the tide starts, the beach is a narrow strip.

Indonesia. Bali. Jimbaran.
A little suluban beach in Uluwatu (on the Bukit Peninsula) during high tide and is completely flooded with water. But it is necessary to visit it to enjoy the stunning scenery – it is interesting that the entrance to the beach runs through the cave.

Suluban because of the huge waves have long been chosen by surfers. For them there is an appropriate infrastructure: a lot of shops where you can buy or rent everything you need for surfing.

Anticipating the question of readers, just answer that “Paradise beaches” is still in Bali. Or rather, not in Bali, but not far from it. Just 1.5 to 2 hours by boat from ports in Bali to Sanur and Padangbai, and you are on the Gili Islands. If you are going for views “in the style of bounty” – then you are here.
Surfing can be done on any beach in Bali for both beginners and experienced surfers
We decided to talk about surfing separately, because the best place to practice this sport than Bali, where the warm water and the waves of the “world level” is difficult to come up with.

Surfing in Bali
The island will be equally comfortable for both beginners and professionals. For them there are waves of different strength, height, length, sand and reef spots (the place where the waves rise), excellent schools for surfers. And in General, the appropriate atmosphere: bars, where music is constantly playing in the style of reggae, cheerful people scurrying through the streets in an embrace with the boards.

Surfing with an instructor in private
What area to choose for surfing? Novice athletes suitable Kuta, more experienced Changu, for surfing is also to go to the popular beaches of the resorts of Legian and Seminyak in the South-West of the island.

Ideal for surfing Jimbaran beach, which is located in the southern part of the island, on the isthmus connecting the Bukit Peninsula with the main territory of Bali. There is a Paradise for surfers, because all year round high waves.
Russian and English surf camp schools in Bali are designed for 1-2 weeks
All resorts have schools, teachers (all have international certificates) which conduct both private and group lessons. There are camp schools, programs which are designed for 1-2 weeks.

Russian and English surf camp schools in Bali
Russian-speaking surf camp in Bali is located in the Changu area and is called Wave House. There are also English-speaking camps, but in order to study there, of course, you need English. Great location in Canggu just for surfing and for relaxing, dining, The Beach Club Lawn. Here at reasonable prices (about 1 thousand rubles) you can afford a full lunch and drinks.

As for the prices for surfing: group classes cost about 1.5-2 thousand rubles per lesson, classes with an instructor in private, of course, more expensive, but also more effective – from thousands of rubles per lesson.

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