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Garibaldi: the castle in the Samara region, where there is no end to lovers of photo shoots

Oddly enough it sounds, but the most beautiful castle in Russia, which is also a “luxury”-hotel, is located in a small village of Cartilage on the shore of the Zhiguli sea, in the Samara region. Despite the fact that the Castle Garibaldi (so called this unique building) has an ancient look and is created in the neo-Gothic style, in fact it is the most that neither is a new building. And recently it has become a top place for cool photo shoots.

Those who are already fed up with excursions to the most famous and visited places and want to unwind a little and get an unforgettable experience, you can go to the “Castle Garibaldi”.

This stunningly beautiful and at the same time unusual for modern architecture tourist complex is located near Togliatti on the shore of the Zhiguli sea (Kuibyshev reservoir) 130 km from Samara. Despite the fact that it is still under construction, its territory is partially open to visitors.

As it became known to the editors Novate.Ru previously, this place was quite ordinary entertainment center with sauna, bar and dance floor, but after there was a need to build a hotel there was just a fantastic idea.

Two outstanding artists Alexey Cheboksary and Max Rakhmanov, addressed by the owner of the entertainment complex Oleg Kuzichkin, offered to build a hotel in the form of a real castle, which in its appearance will collect all the best examples of architecture created over several centuries.

This idea was so pleasant to the businessman that he in 2006 without hesitation connected team of the best architects V. Seglin and Yu. Guryanov, artists S. Karengin and A. Cheboksary, and also sculptors led by Victor Shuvalov, and in 2007 large-scale construction began. His own new possession he decided to “Garibaldi Castle”.

Interesting fact: Such a strange name for this region was chosen for a reason, as it turned out the castle was named after the father of the owner – Garibaldi Arkadievich Kuzichkin. And not only the castle is named after him, but also the company for the production of sausages, founded in 1996 is called “Garibaldi”.

Initially, it was planned to build a hotel in the form of the ruins of a medieval castle, but in the process of construction plans have changed, and decided to make a kind of mix. The result was a real masterpiece, not just repeating the image of any medieval Palace, and a unique of its kind castle in the neo-Gothic style.

In its incredible forms clearly visible elements of European architecture of the Middle ages, the Renaissance and the Victorian era. But the greatest value in this construction is not only an interesting composition, but also the fact that every element and every centimeter of the castle created is made by modern masters by hand.

And each part or wing of an extraordinary structure reflects a certain era. For example, in the decoration of the guest house you can see samples taken from Spanish, Portuguese and French architecture. What only are the twin towers at the corners of the building, as well as pretentious, complex shape of the roof and the originality of the facades.
Just three years later, when the main building was built on its roof decorated outdoor terrace, which fits perfectly into the overall style of the castle. It is a great place for celebrations in the open air with a capacity of up to 300 people.

In the main building there is a reception, a huge hall and hotel rooms. From the first floor of the castle, a mysterious gallery leads to the original bridge, thrown over a raging stream. And behind it, visitors will be greeted by a fragrant winter garden with exotic plants, where you can walk at any time of the day. There is also a chic restaurant, decorated in the spirit of the era of the knights of the Round table of king Arthur.

But this adventure will not end with the guests, if they go down to the real dungeon, you will find yourself in an unusual entertainment complex. In one part of which is a huge pool, and in the other – a very unusual room, the floor of which is the roof of a giant aquarium.

This room has an eloquent name – “Sunken ship”, because thanks to the transparency of the floor at the bottom of the stylized ocean you can see the piles of pirate treasures and copies of the weapons of the masters of the seas.

But that’s not all, if guests get tired of the water surface, they can go down the stone stairs even lower and get into the hidden from the crowd of tourists underground bar, where you can go bowling or play Billiards. In the wing there is a kitchen area, as well as utility rooms.

Despite the fact that the team of creators of the most unusual castle in Russia promised to put the object into operation in 2018, but there are still internal finishing works and “luxury”-the hotel still does not accept guests.

Although the area has completely gentrified and elevations shown in the scheduled view, so now visitors to important attractions of Krasavki galore, an endless stream of tourists eager to witness the uniqueness of the buildings and make incredible photos. .

So in the Samara region there is a new object, which has already become the most popular place for photo shoots on the background of a fantastically beautiful castle.

Now most tourists go to travel on their own, without the help of tour operators, because to buy tickets, choose the route and book a hotel room without leaving home. Therefore, many find truly exotic and unusual places with exclusive offers of the settlement. In the next review of the “six” hotels that are sure to please adventurers who dream to get not only a dose of adrenaline, but also a bunch of fantastic memories.

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