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What to see in Kazakhstan for tourists

Kazakhstan – here intertwined Eastern traditions and Western art Nouveau. The boundless southern steppes, majestic mountains and lakes, the cities of the Great silk road and the famous Baikonur — all this attracts not many tourists.

What to see in Kazakhstan for tourists
Usually, to see the cultural heritage, tourists go to the South of the country: here are concentrated mosques, fortresses, mausoleums, ancient graves. In the North and Central regions are the most popular resorts (Kokshetau, Bayan-Aul, etc.). They come here to rest and improve their health. But the symbols of the state, the sight of which is breathtaking, as if scattered throughout its territory.

When and how to go
You can come to Kazakhstan at any time of the year – it will always be something to surprise you. Visa for Russians is not needed if they are going for up to 90 days: at the entrance, a migration card is filled in, which then needs to be handed over at the exit. Up to 30 days on site you can stay without registration in OVIR.

You can get to Kazakhstan by plane, private car (the roads are good) or by train. The best tickets to look not only at the website of the Railways, but on the website of Kazakhstan Railways: On the intercity routes, the price can vary by 3-4 times. In Kazakhstan, it is cheaper to fly with a local low-cost airline FlyArystan, for example, Astana – Almaty flights will cost 6999 KZT (about 1200 rubles).

What to see
Boundless steppes, high mountains, ancient cities of the Great silk road, neighboring today with modern business centers – this is not the only thing that attracts tourists to Kazakhstan.

Baikonur Cosmodrome
This is the first landfill in the world, from which an artificial earth satellite created by S. P. Korolev was launched into space in 1957. And in 1961 Yuri Gagarin made a space flight on Board the Vostok spacecraft from here.

This place has a lot of interesting facts:

The team of builders who were involved in its construction, thought that do stadium. Along with the cosmodrome, the workers built a settlement for its testers.

Roy pit, at a depth of 35 m found an ancient bonfire site, whose age was 10-35 years BC Korolev called it a happy sign.

The place for construction was not chosen by chance: they were looking for a vast and sparsely populated area with fresh water and a railway line near the equator (there are more than 300 Sunny days a year).

Today, people come here to visit the International Space School, the Museum of the Baikonur cosmodrome, an observation deck for journalists, relatives and wives of cosmonauts, site No. 254 (facilities for technical work with satellites are stored here).
It is located in the Tien Shan mountains in the South-East of the country at an altitude of 2500 m above sea level. Its depth is 30-40 m. it is forbidden to Swim in it, because it provides drinking water to the city of the same name, but it is worth visiting it to admire the beauty. The turquoise surface of the water surrounded by 3 mountain peaks with snow-covered caps looks very impressive.

You can get here from Almaty by car on the mountain serpentine. The distance is about 25 km away. Interestingly, a few kilometers up from the lake is a Space where you can take the meteorologists the house and watch the night stars.

The Mausoleum Of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
Built in the XIV century, it is a UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage site. It impresses with its architecture (it is known that the Emir Timur himself gave recommendations on its external and internal design during construction).

The place for it was not chosen by chance: here lived the poet Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, the head of Sufism, to which the nomads asked for advice. Because he believed that he could not live longer than the prophet Muhammad, at the age of 63 he imprisoned himself in a cell under the ground, where he remained until his death. After 200 years on the spot and built a complex.

In the mausoleum you can see the halls for meetings and conferences, tomb, mosque, kitchen, guest rooms, archive, prayer, well, tai Kazan (this is a bowl of water in the prayer, according to legend, cast from 7 metals).

The local Muslim population travel here equated in visiting Mecca.

There is a memo in Turkestan, you can get to it by bus, train or taxi. Entrance is free, working hours – 9.00–18.00.

Lake Kaindy
It was formed during the Kemin earthquake in 1911. Because of lime and other minerals gradually changes color from emerald to azure, but near the water is crystal clear. The lake looks majestic surrounded by the sunken fairy forest: fir trees rise directly from the water. Tourists come here, diving enthusiasts.

It is located near the village of Saty, in one of the gorges Kungei Alatau. Since 2007, they have been part of the national Park.

Medeo sports complex in summer
Medeo sports complex in winter
Located in the tract of TRANS-ili Alatau at an altitude of about 1700 m above sea level near Almaty. Here is the high-mountain skating rink in the world with an area of artificial ice field in more than 10 thousand square meters In speed skating at different distances on the ice rink was set more than 200 records (so his second name – “Factory records”).

People come here not only to skate, but also to enjoy the scenic routes from the observation deck at the height of bird flight. Since the 2000s, there is a cable car that stretches between the mountains, over the precipice and over the river. There is a restaurant.

You can get there by car, taxi or city bus number 12 (goes from the hotel “Kazakhstan” in Almaty). Working hours: 10.00 – 23.00 (there are evening and afternoon sessions), Monday – day off. The complex can be closed before the competition.

Singing dune
This is a sandy mountain 150 m high and up to 3 km long, which is located in the National Park “Altyn Emel”. In dry weather, it makes sounds that resemble the melody of the organ (this happens when rubbing the grains of sand when the wind blows or a person passes). Interestingly, the dune remains in the same place for thousands of years, without wandering on the plain.

Around the unique phenomenon – a lot of legends. They say that under the mountain buried Genghis Khan, whose soul and makes sounds, telling descendants about the past exploits. In any case, the place is iconic and looks unforgettable surrounded by a rocky desert.

The most convenient way to come here by car from Almaty, and preferably overnight to see and enjoy the night scenery around the campfire.

Sacred cave AK Mosque
This is one of the most mysterious places in southern Kazakhstan. It is located on the slope of the Karatau ridge and is a huge hall up to 150 m long and almost 30 m high. While there is not a single tree on top, there is a real oasis in the cave.

A lot of legends are connected with this place. It is believed that before there was an underground mosque with numerous passages, but where the entrance to it no one knows. The cave offers a magnificent view. They say there is a strong energy, so pilgrims often come here.

The most convenient way to get from Shymkent is by car or taxi.

There are other interesting places in Kazakhstan: Tamgaly Petroglyphs (a monument of rock art, which is included in the UNESCO list), Charyn canyon, semi-freshwater lake Balkhash, mosques, cathedrals, monuments. To see as many attractions as possible, plan a route in advance and allocate at least a few days for the trip.

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