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If the police planted drugs — what to do?

Iny resident of Russia and even a tourist can get into a situation where people in police uniform, do not hesitate to throw up illegal drugs…

If the police planted drugs — what to do?
At such an extreme moment, the main thing is to correctly build a line of behavior.

Seized the bag containing the drugs don’t touch

Eight rules of conduct
If you are a foreign citizen – report it to the police, perhaps the enthusiasm to arrange the problems of the foreigner they have diminished. In parallel, be sure to contact the Consulate General of Your country and describe the situation to them in detail and follow their instructions.

Do not resist and do not argue, ascribe the article “resisting the authorities”. Seized the bag containing the drugs don’t touch. Do not agree to undergo a study on the subject of drug use on the spot. The examination takes place only in a drug clinic.

Demand to include all those present in the Protocol, remember the appearance and special signs of the police (to find out who planted the drugs).

Insist on strict observance of the procedure of withdrawal: it should be watched by at least two witnesses, video shooting should be conducted, and drugs should be Packed so that no one could put anything. Pay attention of witnesses to all discrepancies and inaccuracies.

Do not sign the search report — better write in it: “I am not guilty. The drugs found in my apartment were planted by the police. About the motives and purposes of the provocation will be reported to the Prosecutor, and in court.”

During the interrogation, keep silent and do not answer the questions of the security forces. St. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation allows to refuse from any explanations. Require a familiar lawyer (part 2 of article 48 of the Constitution). In any case, don’t settle for the “state” of the lawyer: he’ll only hurt you!

Together with a lawyer, build a line of defense, then appeal the actions of the persons who conducted the search. If you want to add to the testimony — require additional interrogation.

In addition to the discovered drugs, the investigation should have more evidence, so the lawyer should insist on:

wash off with your palms and fingers, nail cut, cutout lining pockets for examination;

interrogation of relatives, friends, colleagues;

medical examination;

sending a request for you to the police.

All of the above evidence will help to prove your innocence in court. Save and memorize this memo. In recent years, the practice of throwing drugs by the police is widespread in Russia, the time is not very favorable.

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