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Wine tours: what is it? where are they?

Wine tours – tourist programs, in which vacationers get acquainted with the traditions of winemaking in different regions…

Wine tours: what is it? where are they?

The concepts of fault, the peoples differ: they leave their mark, as a religious dogma, and cultural behavior. For example, the Jews called the vine a gift from God, while the adherents of Islam and sparkling drink does not use, like any alcohol.

Most often in such trips go lovers and connoisseurs of wine. As part of the program, they can get acquainted with the wine list, see the castles and vineyards (and even to collect grapes), visit the wine cellars and, of course, taste the fragrant drinks.

For the most demanding travel offers bonuses: you can personally make a blend, and then take the bottle with a personal label home.

Other features of wine tours:

the organizers can conduct cooking and wine workshops (to tell what drink is best combined with a particular dish);

be sure to take the time to visit local attractions – in France within the routes arranged excursions to medieval towns, and in South Africa – to the Cape of Good Hope;

the last day is often devoted to shopping.
Popular among Russians destinations
Wine tours
The wine list of the world is very large, so in many places there are places for growing grapes and wine production. All wine tours, wherever they are made – a great way to spend your free time with benefit and taste.
Here is where to roam:

Many routes start in France, where tourists can visit Bordeaux, champagne, Burgundy, Provence, the Loire Valley, Languedoc and other regions specializing in the creation of sparkling wine. It is noteworthy that Bordeaux has its own wine therapy. There is also a wine Park La Cité du Vin. It is located in a 10-storey building with themed areas on each floor.

In Italy, their wines are produced, almost in every region. The main places to visit are Piedmont, Umbria, Tuscany, Trentino (local wines account for almost 50% of the country’s exports). Sicily is considered one of the trending regions involved in winemaking.

In Spain, recently improved production methods, which ensured the influx of tourists into the country. They go to Andalusia, Valencia, Navarra. In Ribera del Duero make mostly pink and red wines with raspberry flavor. In Rioja red wines are aged in oak barrels and bottled in Bordeaux bottles.

In Portugal, wine is made since the days of Ancient Rome. The most popular regions to visit are Madeira, Lisbon, Bairrada, Alentejo.

Light drinks with fruit notes are offered in Germany. A Paradise for tourists will be the Rheingau, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Rheinhessen, etc.

In Austria, wines produced mainly Vienne, Burgenland, Stria.

Argentina and Chile wine tours are popular. The program usually includes visits to famous wineries, sightseeing, outdoor activities (rafting, horse riding), excursions to vineyards and orchards and, of course, tasting.

The highlight of the tours – wine cellars don Melchor Concha and Toro.
Wine tours abroad
Also for tasters organized trips to the United States, South Africa, New Zealand. Interesting routes in Georgia. It produces special wines from grapes grown exclusively in the area. Complement their national feasts, excursions to local attractions (in the program – house-museums, Botanical garden, monasteries, etc.). Also vacationers visit the winery and, of course, the Alazani Valley.

Other destinations are Switzerland, Greece, Moldova.

When to go
Choose the time to travel you need depending on your goals: whether you just want to spend a tasting and see the country or plan to fully experience the atmosphere. For example, in Hungary in mid-July, the wine festival “Bull’s blood”. It is associated with many traditions, vacationers are offered a lot of entertainment.

In Cyprus, the grape season starts in September. At the same time the famous festival of wine in Limassol. In France, many wine festivals occur in summer and autumn.

The cost of wine tours
Prices for such programs depend on their saturation, direction, season and average from €600 per person for 5 days.

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