Skydiving and air tours are increasingly popular
Everyone since childhood dreamed of learning to fly. In our time, to implement this desire is extremely simple. How about skydiving or enjoying a wonderful flight on a private jet?…

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10 reasons to visit Armenia in spring 2019
Holidays in Armenia can be wonderful in any season of the year, but the trip in the spring months has its advantages... 10 reasons to visit Armenia in spring 2019…

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Which tea to choose for tourists when visiting the tea rooms and mechinah countries
Analysts FAO (Food organization of the United Nations) published the TOP list of countries with the highest consumption of tea per capita... Which tea to choose for tourists when visiting…

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10 valuable recommendations that you need to take note of all novice tourists

Summer is the time to travel on vacation. New countries, new sensations – all this should give you positive energy. And to leave was not overshadowed by unforeseen circumstances, we picked up a few recommendations that are worth taking note.

1. Wardrobe for holidays

Your holiday wardrobe should consist of your favorite clothes. That is, the journey is better to take comfortable things that you love and wear in everyday life. In the picture above is the optimal list of clothes that will satisfy all needs for a 2-week vacation. Collecting a suitcase, think over 2-3 images at once. It is best that all the things in your suitcase are well combined with each other, this will create new sets and not be repeated in the photo.
2. The most necessary

Despite the fact that it is summer, going on vacation, be sure to bring a jacket with a hood. It can be a sweatshirt or a windbreaker, preferably with a zipper. Believe me, even if we are talking about a short trip, the probability of rain or wind is high enough. In bad weather jacket protects from rain and wind. On the way, a soft jacket can be rolled up and put under the head instead of a pillow.
3. Leave home

Do not take things from thin silk, satin, linen and thick cotton with you on a trip. Clothes from these fabrics are guaranteed to be wrinkled, and the iron in your room may not be. It turns out that in your suitcase will be a few useless things. Also, do not take a trip with a brand new shoes that you have not worn before.
4. Roll packing

In order to fit more things in the suitcase and they are not too wrinkled, advises folded their rolls. In the summer, when suitcases of tourists mainly light clothes this type of packaging allows you to save up to 50 volume or to do a bag of a smaller size.
5. Shower gels and hygiene products

Going on a trip of two weeks, you do not need to take a huge bottle of your favorite products. Such volumes you will not need, and bulky bottles will take a good part of the bag. Instead of dragging a dozen bottles of gels, shampoos and lotions, go to the store for soap and buy there 5-10 small bottles of 15-20 ml. This volume is enough for a short journey. Before you pack the bottles in a bag, do not forget to rewind their necks with cling film, and then tightly tighten the lids. Otherwise, opening the suitcase, you can find half-empty bottles and very fragrant clothes. Also, go through the contents of your first aid kit in search of empty jars with a wide neck. They are ideal for transportation of q-tips, cotton pads and Bobby pins.
6. Lists and copies
Until you can call yourself an experienced traveler, the trip will cause you stress and withdraw from the comfort zone. One of the main sources of problems and excitement can be documents. A few simple rules will help to insure yourself against troubles. First, make a list of all your documents that you will need at a particular stage of the journey. Secondly, make scanned copies or photocopies of the main documents and upload them to your phone so that in case of loss or theft, you can confirm your identity. And finally, it is necessary to get a separate handbag, designed specifically for documents.

Note: if your documents still there was some trouble abroad, you need to contact the local police as soon as possible. The documents are unlikely to be returned to you, but will be given a temporary identity card. All you have to do – to write a statement. The police will certify it and make a copy for you, you, in turn, ask for two: one present at the Embassy, and the second will be useful upon return home, when you restore your passport.

7. Tickets and excursions

Want to save money and avoid queues? Buy tickets for excursions and attractions online. Experienced travelers assure that in this way you can save about 10 percent of the cost. In addition, visit couchsurfers ‘websites and communicate on the travelers’ forum. There you can find very valuable recommendations about the organization of leisure in a particular country, as well as unusual ways to save.
8. Suitcases

If you are going to use the same suitcase for a long time, you should take responsibility for its selection. The most durable materials, according to experts and tourists, is curv and polycarbonate. Believe me, the strength of the suitcase and the quality of the fastening of the wheels are very important. Not all airport employees are careful about the property of passengers. In addition, you can ask to have your Luggage tagged “fragile”, however, this does not guarantee respect. And finally, do not forget to stick a few catchy identification marks on your Luggage to quickly identify it on the tape.
9. Smooth things out

If the clothes in the suitcase still crumpled, and in your place of residence there is no iron, use the old technique. Hang the clothes over the bath or shower, let the hot water, you can dial a little in the bath or in the basin, close the door and let things hang on the hanger for several hours. Small folds will smooth out and the clothes will get a neat appearance.
10. Charging gadgets

Do not despair if you are abroad without a special adapter suitable for local outlets. You can charge your phone from any modern TV. Just plug the USB into the connector on the back of it.

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