Tourist gems of the Dominican Republic
To go to the Dominican Republic is both for a beach holiday, and for a separate acquaintance with the Caribbean history and culture, Dominican nature and modern attractions... Tourist gems…

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Why not go to the UAE on vacation

The UAE is one of the fastest growing countries…
Why not go to the UAE on vacation
People come here not only to soak up the coast (the state stretches along the Persian Gulf), but also to see firsthand its main attractions: Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, as well as visit numerous water parks and amusement parks.

Places are incomparable, but going on tour, you need to weigh all the pros and cons.

Top reasons to refrain from travelling
The UAE is a country where Islam is professed, which is the basis of the legislation. Hence – the strict laws and traditions that are imposed and vacationers. Their non-compliance is regarded as disrespect. For this may be fined or sent to prison.

If you don’t want to, try not to drink alcohol, smoke, gamble, eat pork, hug and kiss in public while traveling. Crossing the road in the wrong places is also not worth it. However, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are some indulgences for vacationers: for example, you can buy alcohol in some restaurants, but it costs there absurdly expensive.

Strict laws and traditions that are imposed on tourists
By the way, good restaurants work mainly in expensive hotels. Dishes there, respectively, is also not cheap.

Beaches and the sea
Most tourists go to the UAE to luxuriate on the shore, but in fact to find an ennobled area with palm trees and beautiful lagoons is not so easy. You can only count on the convenience, and those are only on the beaches at the hotels that are on the coastline. City beaches are likely to disappoint you. In Dubai, they stretch along the Avenue of the metropolis. In addition, almost not adapted to rest: “mushrooms” from the sun are rare, most of them do not have locker rooms. There are no stalls with water and snacks either.

And the sea, by the way, is not here. Instead, the Persian Gulf. All anything if already in June the water temperature in it was not warmed up to +36 °C. To unbearable heat added an unpleasant smell: hot water in the sun rots. Especially unpleasant to be near the palm Islands, where the water stagnates. Interestingly, the wind can at any time bring rot under the shore.

In Dubai, the beaches stretch along the Avenue of the metropolis
Comfortable water temperature at +22-24°C is from December to March, but do not rush to book a ticket for the new year holidays. The air temperature at this time also falls, so out of the water uncomfortable. It might rain.

The climate in the UAE is desert. The air can be warmed up to +50°C. to Move around the city in such conditions is possible only by transport. A lot of options. In Dubai, there is a subway and city buses. However, to use them, to understand where to go, to find where and how to pay for travel, you need to know Arabic.

City buses in Dubai
If you have enough money for the trip, you can take a taxi. But get ready to pay for its duration, landing. By the way, the distance between the sights rather big (the length of the city – 70 km). When you travel from Dubai to Sharjah, as well as from state to state, the fee for crossing the border is automatically removed (it is impossible to see it, you just need to know that it is there).

More options for movement: a guide with a minibus (the service is not cheap, during excursions the guide often carries on the most expensive places, as it has its own rollback), car rental. However, in the latter case it is necessary to follow the rules, as on the road – huge fines. For example, talking on a mobile while driving will have to pay $217.

And there’s crazy traffic. The centre of Dubai in the rush hour – it is still a tourist attraction.

Speaking of entertainment.

Rest, sightseeing
Entertainment here is not so much (not counting amusement parks) and they are also insanely expensive. For example, if you pay more than $50 at the entrance to the water Park, be ready to pay separately for services on site: rent a box for your belongings, etc.

A water Park in Dubai
Those who wish can fly by helicopter, ride a boat or a boat on the Bay, but the cost of such entertainment is also space. Even just walk around the city will not work: first, in the tourist season is very hot, and secondly – there is no concept of “walking”. At local it isn’t accepted – they go by transport. There are almost no Europeans.

The Sheikh’s Palace in Dubai is also not seen – closer than 200 m to it is not allowed.

Even the purchase of Souvenirs can turn into a huge waste: in most stores there are no price tags on the goods, as the cost is different for their own and for vacationers. And this despite the fact that the cost of tours in the UAE is also space.
Additional prohibitions
Take pictures for memory here should also be carefully. You can not take pictures of Muslims who pray, and women in national costumes, however, as well as ask them questions or touch them.

And single girls under 30 years can not get to the territory of the UAE at all. The decision at the border is made individually. If the girl’s profession is a dancer or masseuse (indicated in the visa application form), permission may not be given.

Single girls under 30 years can not get to the territory of the UAE at all
The other extreme – the problems when settling in the same room men and women who are not married.

There are a number of other limitations. You can not wear revealing outfits (those that leave open the shoulders, knees), chew gum in public places, import some medicines (revise the first-aid kit), etc.

Tourist gems of the Dominican Republic
To go to the Dominican Republic is both for a beach holiday, and for a separate acquaintance with the Caribbean history and culture, Dominican nature and modern attractions... Tourist gems…


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