Skydiving and air tours are increasingly popular
Everyone since childhood dreamed of learning to fly. In our time, to implement this desire is extremely simple. How about skydiving or enjoying a wonderful flight on a private jet?…

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In the West of China in smartphones, travelers are forced to put a spy app
Apple is unlikely to want to admit this, but according to eyewitnesses, it is the iPhones that Chinese border guards spend the least time hacking... In the West of China…

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Greek tax declared war on restaurateurs because of the deception of tourists
Can a couple of glasses of ordinary light table wine cost more than 200 euros? Hardly, except that the concepts of conscience and honest business are completely absent... Greek tax…

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The best places for recreation Armenia in the summer of 2019

In recent years, Armenia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many tourists, in particular from the former CIS countries, prefer to rest in Armenia to other famous resorts.
This is not surprising, because it is here that guests have the opportunity to spend a good rest in the lap of luxurious nature, go on extreme Hiking, mountaineering and make an unforgettable gastronomic tour. Armenia is rich in historical, cultural and religious sites belonging to different time periods.

The best time to visit Armenia is summer, which starts here from mid-April and lasts until the end of September. What places are worth visiting in the first place, traveling to this amazing country?

Sights of the capital
Today, ancient Yerevan is a modern city with a rich infrastructure, where there are many unique places to visit. Acquaintance with the capital is better to start with museums, where visitors will be told about the centuries-old history of Armenia and Yerevan, about the life of prominent Armenians, known throughout the world, will show rare artifacts and stunning creations of local artists and sculptors.

Mandatory items of the travel program in Yerevan are the Matenadaran Institute of ancient manuscripts, the national historical Museum of Armenia, Erebuni fortress Museum, the Armenian genocide Museum, Sergei Parajanov house Museum, the national gallery of Armenia and other cultural and educational institutions that meet Your interests and Hobbies.

In the footsteps of history
Armenia is often called an “open-air Museum”. This is due to the fact that on the territory of the centuries-old country there are many historical and cultural monuments, many of which are included in the UNESCO world heritage List.

Churches Of Armenia

Garni pagan temple, Geghard cave monastery, the oldest Observatory in the world, Karahunj, Tatev monasteries, Khor Virap, Goravan, Sevan, Noravank and other unique religious sites and fortresses and ancient wineries located in different regions of the country and the vicinity of the capital.

Natural attraction
Armenia is rich not only in architectural monuments, but also in unique natural objects that fascinate with beauty and grandeur. Lake Sevan is a “pearl” of the local nature, as well as a popular holiday destination in the summer.

Lake Sevan in Armenia
In addition to the famous lake, guests of the country are also waiting for health resorts in Jermuk, Aghveran, Arzni and other regions of Armenia. Fascinating natural landscapes, clean mountain air, variety of flora and fauna will help you to relax after working days and recharge your body with energy for the whole year.

Gastronomic tour
Going to Armenia, be ready to forget about diets and restrictions, because here they cook the most delicious national dishes in the world, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Do not forget to complement a hearty meal with a glass of fine wine or cognac of local production, which are valued worldwide for their quality and unsurpassed taste.

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