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Travelers note: stopover

Do you travel a lot and fly with transfers? Then tickets with a stopover – especially for you. We tell you how to find them and arrange, as well as when flying to what cities to look for…

Travelers note: stopover
A stopover is a transplant that lasts longer than 23 hours and 59 minutes. However, in different countries the term is understood differently. In North America, the stopover is called docking lasting from 4 hours, and in Central America-from 6 hours. The service is not offered by all airlines, but if possible, it is better to use it. Thanks to this, you can see the city in which you are staying and relax in the hotel, instead of while away the time in the waiting room.

Tickets with stopover: how to order and how much they cost
Look for these tickets need the airlines. Plan your way to your destination, see which carriers fly there, and then go to their official website. Information about stopover is usually published in sections multy city, or “complex route”.

To save time, you can go to the aggregators – they instantly give all possible flights, calculating the possibility of stopping at the point of docking.

The most interesting thing is that if the stopover will last no more than a couple of days, do not have to pay extra for it. The carrier can even pay for hotel accommodation or a guided tour of the surrounding area. If you prefer to stay longer than the allotted time, be prepared to shell out an additional $ 100.

What about visa?
In some cases, you may need a transit visa, for example, if you are flying to the US through Europe, and you do not have the Schengen. This point is better to clarify in advance on the website of the International air transport Association. In the section Passport, Visa and Health you should specify the direction and personal data. Information on the conditions of stay in the country will appear in the issuance. By the way, a transit visa is issued for a maximum of 72 hours.

And Luggage?
Since airports are closed at night, the suitcase will have to take with you. If you are leaving the airport for just a few hours, ask the airline representatives, by phone or at the Desk, if they can take care of your Luggage.

So be sure to enjoy a stopover
Travelers order the service if they go to Asia – there are long transfers. Leader in providing stopover – Emirates. With them you can stay in Dubai for up to 7 days. Moreover, this carrier will arrange a free Shuttle service.

With Singapore Airlines you can spend 2 days in Singapore. They, by the way, also take to the hotel, where you can stay for $50.

Other option:

Qatar Airways organizes stopovers in Doha;

Turkish airlines in Istanbul;

Air China – in Beijing;

Malaysia Airlines – in Kuala Lumpur;

Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong;

Etihad – Abu Dhabi;

KLM – in Amsterdam;

Finnair – in Helsinki.

The main thing when booking a ticket, do not forget to make sure that the visa allows you to go to the city.

And if you like one of them so much that you want to stay there, be prepared for the fact that your return ticket is likely to be canceled.

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