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10 reasons to visit Armenia in spring 2019

Holidays in Armenia can be wonderful in any season of the year, but the trip in the spring months has its advantages…

10 reasons to visit Armenia in spring 2019
We will highlight the main 10 reasons why you should definitely visit this wonderful country of apricots and DUDUK in the spring:

1. Weather in Armenia in spring
As a rule, the warm season in Armenia begins in mid-March. Weather throughout the spring is favorable, allowing you to visit various interesting places, to make tours in almost any tourist destinations, as well as enjoy walks in the fresh air.2. Beautiful nature
Spring is a great time to travel to different regions of Armenia, admiring the beauty of the blooming nature. If you are a photographer looking for beautiful landscapes, Hiking through the majestic mountains and dense forests of the country will give you inspiration and a new creative impulse. Also noteworthy are the waterfalls of Armenia, which this season are becoming even more picturesque due to the abundance of water.

3. Affordable price
Spring months are not a hot season for tourists visiting Armenia. In this regard, the prices for most tourist services, including accommodation and tours to the sights of the country, are much lower than in summer.

4. Rest in health resorts
As mentioned above, in spring travel to Armenia is cheaper than at other times of the year. Therefore, this period is perfect for relaxing in the medical resorts of Jermuk, Agveran and other resorts.

5. Holidays and festivals
From March to may, Armenia celebrates many international and national holidays, including “Women’s month” (March 8 — April 7), Easter, wine festival, dolma festival and other interesting events.

6. Local wine and cognac
As you know, Armenian cognac is the only drink in the world that has received the right to be called “cognac” from the French creators themselves. Armenian wine is also world famous. Every year, a wine festival is Held in Yerevan, where local producers present their products. In 2019, the festival will be held on 3 — 4 may.

7. Armenian national dishes
If you have not tried the Armenian dolma yet, then on may 20 you should definitely be in the village of Khnaberd in Armenia, where the festival dedicated to this delicious dish will be held. In the local restaurants you can taste other national culinary masterpieces. It is also worth visiting the local markets and try the fruits and vegetables of this season.

8. Walking in Yerevan
Warm evenings are best spent walking through the cozy streets of the capital, and then you can relax in one of the outdoor cafes with a Cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

9. Museums and exhibitions
In Yerevan and its surroundings there are museums dedicated to the life and work of outstanding Armenian figures — artists, writers, composers, as well as exhibitions that will acquaint you with the history and culture of the country.

10. Sightseeing tours of Armenia
Due to good weather conditions in the spring, almost all the sights of the country are available for tourists.

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