What is the threat of buying counterfeit as a souvenir from your vacation?
If just a miser pays twice, a tourist in a similar situation and even the risk or their freedom, or problems with the entry documents... What is the threat of…

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The wild nature of Iceland was the victim of miscalculations of the authorities of this country, which approved the large-scale shooting of popular media products on its territory... Canyon Fatallity…

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What to see in Kazakhstan for tourists
Kazakhstan – here intertwined Eastern traditions and Western art Nouveau. The boundless southern steppes, majestic mountains and lakes, the cities of the Great silk road and the famous Baikonur —…

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The main resort cities of Germany. Selection from Fox.Travel

On the eve of the spring holidays we offer you an introductory article on the tourist cities of Germany…

The main resort cities of Germany. Selection from Fix.Travel
When planning a trip to Germany, many people choose popular cities. But in addition to the capital and Bavaria, there are a lot of interesting places where you can have a great time, get acquainted with the culture, architecture and local customs.

A good solution for the selection of a tour to Germany is the aggregator Fix.Travel ahhh! The site gives you the opportunity to choose the direction, the country, to sort by price, as well as to choose options for recreation, taking into account the status of tourists – children, family, youth.

As an additional source of information, your attention to the description of the 8 most interesting places in the country.

Baden Baden
A tiny town that gained fame far beyond the borders of Germany. Popular it made the thermal springs that are here. Tourists are waiting in Caracalla and Friedrichsbad. In addition to the complex of Wellness treatments, it will be interesting to spend time on a tour of the city or dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

The capital of Germany is considered to be one of the most cozy and fun places in Europe. In Berlin, just a huge number of different attractions. But their greatest concentration is in MITT. This is where the city originates. Well, you should definitely take a bus tour. They cost up to 25 euros and allow you to see all the beauty of the region.

Odeonsplatz, the English garden, the Bavarian Museum – this is a partial list of what you can see in the business heart of Germany. This colorful and colorful city constantly attracts tourists from all over the world. Well, life here boils at night as actively as during the day.

Lovers of art and creativity will certainly have to taste stylish Hamburg. There are a huge number of galleries and museums. Gothic German Venice will captivate from the first minutes. It is here that the legendary town Hall, the Church of St. Jacob, as well as many other attractions. Despite the fact that many associate the city with your favorite fast food sandwich, it is not famous for burgers, and seafood!

The intellectual patrimony of Germany. Dresden is world famous for its universities and architectural monuments. Be sure to visit the Park Saxon Switzerland, visit the Bastei bridge, as well as the Armory and the Opera. The city has a large concentration of students and tourists, therefore, housing prices are quite high.

A great place for adults and children to travel. Cologne has an amazing architecture, where the Renaissance and Baroque intersect. In addition, there is the best zoo in Germany and the only perfume Museum in Europe. Cologne will be especially interesting for those who come to rest with children.

The Rhine tower, which offers a stunning view of the city, Bavarian cuisine, leisurely walks along the Royal Avenue and, of course, a visit to Altstadt. Here is not a complete list of what to do when you come to Dusseldorf. The city is large enough, therefore, a rich excursion program and bright leisure is guaranteed for everyone.

German business giant is buried in ultra-modern skyscrapers, and on highways around the clock traffic. Nevertheless, it is a city of contrasts. After all, this is where Alt-Sachsenhausen and one of the oldest operas in Germany are located. The city has many shopping centers, where the world’s most famous brands, affordable prices for shopping, as well as a huge selection of restaurants both national and European cuisine.

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