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What is lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy— lake Garda, one of the main natural attractions of this wonderful country. The scenery here is incredibly beautiful, and the coastal resorts like to relax the Italians themselves, which is the best recommendation for this place.

Tourist infrastructure on lake Garda is very well developed – travelers are waiting for great hotels, Italian restaurants, luxury Spas and entertainment for every taste.When to go

Lake Garda — Italy

The beach season on the lake lasts from June to September, but in June it often rains. The hottest months are July and August. At this time, the water in the lake warms up to 24-26 degrees, and the air temperature reaches an average of 30 degrees.

In autumn the water cools down quickly, swimming is usually impossible from mid-September, but the weather in September and October is quite comfortable – the air warms up to an average of 20-24 degrees.

Lake Garda
In the winter months there are very few tourists on the lake, many hotels and restaurants are closed until spring. The weather at this time is windy and humid, the air temperature drops to +2-5 degrees.

In spring, the weather is Sunny, the air temperature averages 17-22 degrees in March-April and 24-26 degrees in may. The water in the lake begins to warm up by the end of may. This time is suitable for sightseeing trips.

Getting to lake Garda
The most convenient to lake Garda are the airports of Verona, Venice and Milan. Any of them can be reached directly from Moscow. The journey time is about 3 hours 40 minutes.

Verona, Venice and Milan are connected to lake Garda by rail. This route offers comfortable trains from Trenitalia, arriving in Desenzano del Garda, located in the South of the lake. The cost of train tickets is 5-15 euros and depends on the city of departure. From Desenzano del Garda to any resort on the lake can be reached by bus or taxi.

Lake Garda can also be reached by bus from Verona. Travel time in this case will be about an hour.

Lake Garda can be reached by car from any Italian city. Along the southern part of the lake is the route A4, along the North – A22, the road along the West Bank is designated as SS45bis, along the East – SS249.

The small town of Sirmione in the southern part of the island of Garda will appeal to travelers interested not only in a beach holiday, but also a sightseeing program. There are several medieval attractions, including the famous castle of the scaligers, as well as an ancient mansion of the Roman era.

In Sirmione come and for quality Spa treatments – the city is known for its thermal springs.

One of the most popular beaches in Sirmione, Jamaica Beach, is famous for its beautiful views and exceptional cleanliness. It is next to the ruins of a Roman Villa and is surrounded by olive groves. Entering the water is carried out on rocky boulders, which can be placed for sunbathing.

Spiaggia Lido delle Bionda is another rocky and picturesque beach of Sirmione. The water here is absolutely clear, shallow area is quite extensive. Nearby there is a cafe.

Lugana Beach is perfect for families with children. You can sit here right on the green lawn. The infrastructure is well developed, there is a rental of beach equipment and boats, nearby cafes and restaurants, Parking nearby. Entering the lake is smooth, but the water in the season is a little muddy.

A small but fabulously beautiful town Gardone Riviera is located on the West coast of the island. It is a quiet resort surrounded by greenery. There are few attractions here, among them the Villa of the poet Gabriel d’annunzio and the magnificent Botanical garden deserve special attention.

The beaches in gardona Riviera are rocky and very picturesque. In the city you can spend time on the beautiful beach Spiaggia Casino, where there are changing rooms, showers, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. Small pebble beach Spiaggia Lido 84 – winner of the prestigious award, the Blue flag of UNESCO, for the purity of the coast. 8 km from the center of Gardone Riviera is a wonderful pebble beach Spiaggia Toscolano. Dense greenery, in the shade of which you can sit with a chaise longue, rises almost to the very edge of the water. Nearby there are Parking, cafes and restaurants.

In a pretty town, located in the Bay on the Western shore of lake Garda, there are no ancient attractions – the city was badly damaged during the devastating earthquake of 1900 and was rebuilt. Despite this, it is very pleasant to relax here – beautiful scenery, clean beaches, good restaurants and a lot of entertainment attract famous and wealthy people around the world on the coast of Salo.

Mokai Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Salo Is Mokai Beach. A narrow strip of pebbly beach offers magnificent views of the lake and the city. There is an award-winning restaurant on site and guests can relax on the comfortable sun loungers. On the beach Spiaggia Mulino is quite crowded. It is a wide beach with white pebbles and clear turquoise water. There is a small Parking nearby.

The lively resort of Desenzano del gardo is located in the southern part of the island. Its distinctive feature – transport accessibility, the city has a railway station from which you can reach the nearby cities. The excursion program in Desenzano del gardo will appeal to lovers of architectural and historical monuments – there are traces of Roman civilization, there is a medieval castle and a magnificent Palazzo of Italian nobility of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

With the onset of night, Desenzano del gardo does not fall asleep – this is where the most fashionable and popular Nightclubs and bars of lake gardo are located.

One of the most popular beaches in the city is Spiaggia Desenzanino. There is a rental of beach equipment, a restaurant and a snack bar. Beautiful pebble beach Spiaggia Feltrinelli annually receives good reviews from travelers. The water and the coast here are crystal clear, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas or enjoy the fabulous views of the city from the water, renting a catamaran.

The small town of Limone Sul Garda, located in the North-East of the lake, has grown into a popular resort from a fishing village. Rest here will appeal to fans to combine a pleasant pastime on the beach with a tour of ancient attractions. The city has preserved many medieval buildings, elegant churches and majestic palaces.

The beaches in Lemon Sul Garda are pebbly and very clean. Spiaggia Cola is characterized by fabulously beautiful scenery and well-developed infrastructure, and paid beach Mamba Beach Club Limone is famous for excellent service and a great restaurant on site.

The old town of Riva del Garda is located in the North of lake Garda, surrounded by the picturesque and majestic Alps. This place is popular among fans of Windsurfing – in summer there are annual competitions in this sport. The rhythm of life of the resort is calm and measured, it is comfortable to relax with young children. Rest on clean comfortable beaches can be combined with sightseeing tours around the city – there are interesting architectural monuments.

One of the best beaches of this part of the lake is Spiaggia Sabbioni. The water here has a deep blue tint, and you can sunbathe right on the green lawn. Swans often come to the shore.

Spread out at the foot of the high mountains in the North-East of lake Garda, the small town of Nago Torbole quickly became a popular resort. Rest here is able to satisfy even the most demanding travelers – a healing mild climate, excellent conditions for kite surfing and Windsurfing, bike paths, tennis courts, clean beaches with small pebbles, ancient monuments and cozy restaurants are waiting for tourists who came to Nago torbol.

Torbole Beach will impress fans of Windsurfing – here you can always find the “right” waves for this sport. Nearby is a good surf school with rental equipment. Spiaggia Lungolago is one of the best beaches in this part of the lake. Pebbles are small and light, and lake water has a pleasant blue-turquoise hue. The beach is popular with families with children, but it should be noted that on the coast there is always a light wind, and the water in the North and North-East of lake Garda is always a little cooler than in the southern resorts.

The small and very photogenic town of Malcesine, located in the East of lake Garda, is famous for its fantastic scenery. Its history dates back several millennia, there are many architectural monuments of past eras, the main role among which is played by the majestic castle of the scaligers. This city is created for leisurely walks, the historical center here is completely pedestrian, on the narrow streets you can find old churches, beautiful villas and cozy small cafes. In Malcesine will appeal to those who like outdoor activities in the surrounding area are Cycling and Hiking trails on the coast and there are schools of Windsurfing and sailing.

Malcesine, Italy

Closest to Malcesine, the beaches are at some distance from the city centre. You can visit the beaches at camping Alpino 6 km away, or the wild beach with a magnificent panorama of Spiaggia Val Di Sogno 3 km from Malcesine.

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