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What attracts Finland in the summer for trips with children

Santa Claus and Moomin trolls, game parks and water parks, cruises and fishing, nature and natural products…

What attracts Finland in the summer for trips with children
Visit Finland has formulated 7 reasons to go to Finland on vacation with children.

In the “World of Moomins” everything is created for children: it is allowed to be naughty everywhere, to walk barefoot on the sand and cobblestones, there is natural pink cotton, lollipops and ice cream, and also be sure to cuddle with good Mummies
They are known and loved all over the world, and their blue house, the prototype of which was the lighthouse seen by Tove Jansson, has become one of the most replicated and recognizable buildings when it comes to Finland.

Have you guessed who it is? Of course it’s Moomin trolls! The fame of Moomin trolls, created by the famous Finnish artist and writer in 1945, has long stepped outside Finland. So in the town of Naantali, where on a separate very nice and very green island is a world of fairy-tale characters, tourists come from all over the world.

The whole world of fairy-tale characters is located in the town of Naantali
In Muumimaailma (“Muumimaailma” or , more simply, in the “World of Moomins”) all created for children. You can walk everywhere, you are allowed to play pranks, walk barefoot on the sand and cobblestones, there is natural pink cotton, lollipops and ice cream, and still be sure to hug! It is with hugs that the visit to the “World of Moomins” begins: at the entrance of all visitors to the Park are met by good Mummies, with whom it is very pleasant to hug both children and adults. Raster dolls are made of soft and hypoallergenic material.

In the “World of Moomins”, in addition to the famous blue house, which you need to explore from the attic to the basement with jam, you can see much more. So, around the island there is a beautiful path of fairy tales: walking along it, you can get into the witch’s maze, climb into the tent to Snusmumrik, find out what treasures are stored on the ship at Moomin’s And visit the workshop Snork. Every day in the Park entertainment, so be bored.

A beautiful path of fairy tales
But a snack and a break for sure want: in the “World of Moomins” about a dozen different points of catering, in the development of the menu which were taken into account the most common food allergies. The Park has several well-equipped children’s rooms connected with toilets. You can also heat baby food in the microwave in the restaurants. If you wish, you can rent a baby stroller or take extra things to the storage room.

By the way, about the schedule and seasons. Moomin trolls usually sleep through the winter (except for one week in late February when the Park wakes up to celebrate the “Magical Winter”). Therefore, tourists usually go to the Park in the summer.

Take note: in 2019, the fairy-tale Park is open from June 8 to August 11 every day from 10 am to 6 PM, from August 12 to 25 – daily from 12:00 to 18:00. Ticket sales close at 5 PM.

A ticket to visit the “World of Moomins” for one day when buying online costs 29 euros, on the spot – 31 euros. If You want to stay at the Moomins for a couple of days, you should buy a ticket for two days: it will cost 37 and 39 euros, respectively.

If you are going to Muumimaailma the whole family, the family ticket for four when buying online will cost 112 euros (on the spot – 116 euros), five – 140 and 145 euros, six – 168 and 174 euros, respectively. Children under 2 years old are free!
In Rovaniemi there is something to do all year round: you can ride on a team of huskies or reindeer, visit a reindeer farm with a tour, buy designer goods and Souvenirs, send a letter from the “branded” post office of Santa Claus, “catch” the Northern lights
Another exciting place to travel with children to Finland is Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, located right on the Arctic circle. Tourists Rovaniemi is better known as the official residence of Santa Claus.

Do not think that you have to go to Santa Claus in the winter. You can visit the Finnish “Santa Claus” throughout the year. In fact, the Village of Santa – a whole entertainment complex, leisure activities which are engaged in about 50 companies, shops, restaurants and cafes. At any time of the year you can ride on a team of huskies or reindeer, visit the reindeer farm with a tour, buy designer goods and Souvenirs, send a letter from the “branded” post office of Santa Claus. By the way, each letter or postcard sent from here, put a special stamp, so do not doubt, Your messages will be unique. And on Santa mail you can order a letter from Santa to your child, which will come during the new year holidays and will be signed by Santa himself.

At any time of the year in Finland, you can ride on a team of husky
Another “feature” Rovaniemi – is the ability to cross the Arctic circle, a parallel that is 66°33’45.9″ North of the equator. It marks the southern boundary of an area in which the sun can be permanently below or above the horizon for 24 hours. These phenomena are known as the midnight sun in summer and the polar night in winter.

It is almost impossible to return from the Arctic circle while in Rovaniemi. As a rule, tourists cross the Arctic circle in the Village of Santa Claus. You can even purchase a certificate confirming that this historic step has been taken. Many tours starting from Rovaniemi involve crossing the Arctic circle at one point or another on a snowmobile, dog sled or reindeer sleigh.

In General, you can cross the Arctic circle in any way: step over, jump over, roll over, move by bike or car, or even underground, in Santa Park, which is open in the winter. There are many options, so there are plenty to choose from. And most importantly, everything is simple, accessible, fun and interesting!

But that’s not all. In Rovaniemi, as in other regions of Finland, the Northern lights can be seen from August to April. Just imagine: in Lapland it is about 200 nights a year, and especially bright Northern Aurora can be observed even in the presence of interference caused by artificial light. Of course, there are ways predict the emergence of Aurora with 100% precision and the likelihood such meeting there is. Be sure to get lucky!

Take note: in Lapland there are panoramic hotels where you can “catch” the Northern lights in comfort and coziness. Some of them even have special concierges that monitor the appearance of the Northern lights. They can order a Wake-up call to catch this natural phenomenon.

Rovaniemi has something to do all year round. During the snow season, from December to April, Snowmobiling, reindeer or dog sledding, snowshoeing, Northern lights and other activities that require snow and ice are popular.

In summer, when the light day lasts 24 hours for 3 months, you can walk, hike, go boating on the rivers, go Canoeing and kayaking, as well as arrange a variety of forays into nature.

Ranua zoo in Lapland is unique with 50 species of Arctic animals that inhabit it
Finns are very careful about nature and the world, so the natural parks of Suomi are considered to be the best in the world. Nothing artificial or “drawn”: all natural, accessible, understandable for children of all ages.

One example of such a Park is the Ranua zoo in Lapland, where you can see a polar bear and 50 other species of Arctic animals among the Northern forest. The Park is located right in the spruce forest, there are almost cells, and all the inhabitants live a free life, and tourists move on high bridges and paths, watching the beast from above.

Finns wouldn’t be Finns if they scraped here. For example, where the birds are sitting, a device is installed that compares the scope of his hand with the wingspan of a bird. You can also compare the size of your foot to the size of a deer or a bear. The most nimble waiting for the pit, jumping that you can compare your jump with the jump of the animal. In addition, you can watch the feeding of animals in the “live”. So there is enough entertainment and activity for the child. The main thing – all the time.

In winter, the route through the Park with a length of almost 3 km can be overcome on a sled, in the summer on the wooden flooring is convenient to move with a baby stroller. A baby stroller and sledge can be rented at the ticket office.

In winter the property also opened a petting zoo company Wild Arctic Husky Park and summer Park Pets. As always, there is a place to relax and have a snack: wild Arctic Restaurant and white Swan cafe.

The cost of a ticket in a cottage depends on the season: adult ticket – 13 to 17 euros for children – 11 – 13 Euro. The zoo is open every day without days off. From September 1 to may 31, opening hours are from 10 am to 16 PM; from June 1 to August 31-from 9 am to 19 PM.

Sailing and travelling in the inland waters of Finland with a very special charm and character
The coast of Finland and its archipelago are thousands of kilometers of coastline and tens of thousands of Islands, so the Finns are very fond of walking by sea or on rivers-lakes. Navigation is in their blood, it is an important part of the local culture. In the modern format “passage under sail” Finns replaced cruises: you can travel by ferry or cruise ship to Swedish Stockholm and Estonian Tallinn or the åland Islands, an Autonomous province within Finland with a very special charm and character. Just imagine: åland is 6500 Islands!

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