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Travel to Rome: tips for tourists and interesting facts

Some cities are irretrievably lost in the intricacies of history. But Rome is history itself, a majestic Empire that triumphed over the most vivid cultural and historical events that shaped the world’s heritage. You fall in love with the powerful beauty of the Italian capital immediately and forever.

The Colosseum, the APR 2019
You can admire the historical relics of the Italian capital both independently and as part of a sightseeing tour. Organized events are held by guides in Russian.

Interesting historical facts about Rome
It is impossible to describe in words the architectural masterpieces and cultural and historical treasures of Rome. Getting here, as if shrinking under the aura of his greatness and beauty. But to tell interesting facts about the features of the life of the ancient Romans is quite real:

On the planet, the only city that has a state is Rome, and the Vatican is the smallest economically independent country in the world, whose population does not exceed 1 thousand people.

The largest temple in the world is located in the Vatican. The dome cross on St. Peter’s Basilica is located at an altitude of 136.5 meters. Many artists and architects took part in the construction and decoration of the main Cathedral. Among them are Carlo Maderno, Raphael, Michelangelo.

The Colosseum is one of the 7 wonders of the world. The colossal structure was built in just 8 years, its discovery dates back to 80 ad, the Unique design of the ancient amphitheater could accommodate about 50 thousand spectators, who could leave the arena in just 5 minutes. During the active existence in the walls of the Colosseum killed more than 500 thousand people and more than 1 mile. Wild animal. In ancient times, everyone could get to the show, where also free food. To explore the Colosseum is better to choose a night tour, in spectacular lighting structure looks especially fascinating.

Today you can see hundreds of cats basking on the stones of the Forum, according to Roman law, animals are allowed to live in the places where they were born. Among the ruins of four Republican temples is the sanctuary of cats.

The only undisturbed Roman monument of the Roman Empire is the Pantheon (26 BC) – an ancient temple, the burial place of great people.

In ancient Rome, held a festival praising the God of agriculture Saturn. During the celebration, slaves were freed from labor and took part in feasts on an equal basis with their masters, and they, in turn, could serve them.

Concrete was invented by the Romans more than 2100 years ago, thanks to this building material, many unique structures have survived to the present day. The dome of the Pantheon, 43 meters in diameter, is the largest non-reinforced concrete structure.

Compared to other civilizations, the Romans could boast of an exceptional sanitary system. Everyone who arrived in the city originally went to the public baths.

Rome, April 2019
Rome, 2019
Vatican city, April 2019
The eternal city is the pearl of the European tourist destination, it is full of secrets and surprises. Even if you are not the first time in the Italian capital, you will certainly discover new, yet unexplored facets of the main city of the world.
Roman holidays – travel tips
To make your trip to the Eternal city was unforgettable, the most intense and inexpensive, we offer our advice.

The best time to visit Rome. May, April, September – in these months you can get to many museums for free. In the off-season, the flow of tourists is much lower, respectively, the price of accommodation, air tickets are low. There is no sweltering heat.

Where better to stay? If you come for a few nights, then settle near the main attractions – a natural desire. The most affordable guest houses are located in the area of Termini main station or Piazza Bologna. The option of good quality for affordable money can be found in the Vatican. Do not consider only hotels, pay attention to the apartments, they are often twice cheaper.

Kitchen – where it is better to eat. In the center there are many cafes for tourists, but if you want to have lunch in a good restaurant, which is preferred by locals, the table must be booked a few days in advance. Decent places work only in the afternoon and in the evening. Price per person in the restaurant from 30 euros. The best option pizzeria, where you will be served a business lunch of three courses for only 15 euros.

Transport. It is best to walk in Rome, so wear comfortable shoes. Travel by bus will cost 1.5 euros. Sitting in a taxi, ask to turn on the counter, local drivers often ignore this rule and charge passengers an inflated fee.

To see all the sights of Rome in detail, you will need at least three days.

Vittoriano, April 2019

The Spanish steps, the APR 2019

View from Spanish steps

It is advisable to plan in advance the cultural program and buy tickets for popular excursions from the tour operator. It is most convenient to do it over the Internet, especially if you are going to go to Italy in the midst of the tourist season.
What it is advisable to do in Rome
Do not try to buy a bus ticket from the driver. It is worth buying in advance in one of the newspaper or tobacco kiosks, which do not work on weekends, which should also be taken into account.

Do not ignore the local diet. The Italians clearly divided the time of work and food. Lunch from 12.00 to 15.00, dinner from 19.00. the rest of the time the restaurants are closed to visitors. Coffee is not taken to drink during meals. Italians enjoy a fragrant drink after a meal and drink it at least 5-7 times a day.

It is not accepted to touch food in supermarkets. To take fruits or vegetables use disposable gloves.

Parking regulations must also be observed. Paid seats are outlined in blue. From the Parking lot, outlined by the yellow line, your car 100% will be taken to the impound lot – these places are designed for disabled people. For violation of the rules a fine of 250 euros. Free Parking is outlined with a white line.

In conversation with the locals should not mention the notorious Italian mafia. You should not also go bare-chested, the locals, even if it is very hot, do not allow themselves to be naked on the street or at home.

In Italy, it is customary to say Hello, going to any institution, whether it is a small restaurant, shop or regular kiosk. The locals are very friendly, always respond with a smile and politely treat guests.

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