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How to get to Malta from Sliema to Valletta

The town of Valletta is right in front of the town of Sliema. There are two main ways to get here – by ferry or by bus. On a map I noted where depart ferries (red) and buses (blue)…

How to get to Malta from Sliema to Valletta

The fare is the same – 1.5 euros. The ferry, of course, is a more interesting way to get to Valletta and a faster one if You’re lucky and You’ve come to the point of its departure. Buses in Malta are usually crowded.
Sliema to Valletta by ferry
On the ferry most often turn, as it accommodates only 200 passengers at a time. The ferry runs every 15 minutes. That is, in any case, will not wait long.

Please note that the ferry has a summer and winter schedule. The fare is 1.5 euros. If you buy a round-trip ferry ticket, 2.8 euros. Travel, starting from 19:30, is a little more expensive – 1.75 euros one way, and 3.30 – both. You pay for the fare to the cashier at the entrance to the ferry (you can pay in cash or by credit card).

In winter (01.11-31.05) on weekdays it is open from 7 am to 19:15, on weekends and holidays – from 9 to 18:15.

In summer (01.06-30.10) on weekdays it is open from 7 am to 00:45, on weekends and holidays – from 9 to 00:45.

From Valletta to Sliema and St Julian’s by bus
All buses depart from Valletta from the bus station, and from Sliema and St. Julian’s from the bus stops.

Download the application of public transport of Malta – Tallinja to your phone or use the official website of Malta Public Transport, where you can find information about the routes, the travel system and the current schedule: https://www.publictransport.com.mt/en/trip-planner

From Valletta to Sliema can be reached by bus: 13,13 A, 14,15,16.
From St. Julian’s by bus: 13,13 A, 14, 16.
Bus routes here are much more, but they all go on different streets and at different intervals. At stops there is a Board with the schedule of buses that stop here.

From Valletta to Sliema and St Julian’s by bus
We advise you to pick up the bus route through the application.

Valletta bus station is located next to the Upper gardens and the Triton fountain. By You will not pass, because the territory of the Valetta is small.

you can buy from the driver. Tickets can be purchased at the large bus stops in the Malta Public Transport pavilion. For example, at the bus station in Valletta or near the ferry in Sliema. You can also buy tickets at some newsstands.

From Valletta to Sliema and St Julian’s by bus
The entrance to the buses is through the front door and the exit is through the middle door. To exit you need to signal the driver by pressing one of the special buttons, a lot of them in the cabin. Buses with air conditioning, which can easily catch a cold throat. In the summer, when hot, suggest to bring a jacket, to be able to insure themselves from the cold.

To land at stops you need to raise your hand. This is a normal situation, widely practiced in Malta. Otherwise, you can stand at the bus stops and miss the desired buses. But if the bus is full, the driver can not stop and will pass by, it is quite common.

Buses do not run on a clear schedule! Sometimes we waited for 30-40 minutes at remote stops! That is, it is difficult to predict the exact time of the trip.

The price of admission:

1 journey (ticket is valid for 2 hours): 1,5 euro in winter season, 2 euro in summer high season, 3 Euro on Express trains and at night;
12 trips — 15 euro;
weekly ticket — 21 euro for adults and 15 euro for children.
Tickets can be bought at large bus stops
Ticket purchased from the driver:

Ticket purchased from the driver
All Express routes are marked with the letters TD, and travel in them costs 3 euros.

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