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Weekend in Karelia: what to visit?

Karelia is an amazing and picturesque region in the North-West of Russia. On its territory there are more than 50 thousand lakes and more than 25 thousand rivers. Forests here occupy about 15 million hectares of the total area…

Kizhi. Karelia

But people come here not only to admire the landscapes. There are many attractions in the region. There are temples, monasteries, medieval fortress, mountain Park, waterfall, arboretum. Go on vacation in Karelia alone or in pairs, families or noisy companies. In this article we will tell you what to visit here if you are going for a weekend or 1-2 days.

That is worth a visit
Different companies develop exciting tourist routes for guests of the Republic. They usually begin in the city of Petrozavodsk. It is the capital of Karelia with its unique history. It was founded in 1777. At different times there were cast guns for the army, made iron jewelry for St. Petersburg.

Today, many iconic places are concentrated around the city.

Kizhi Island

Located in the Northern part of Onega lake in the reserve. Today it is considered the largest Museum of peasant culture. It is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

There are more than 75 architectural monuments. For the convenience of tourists, excursions are developed, which are conducted in 8 languages, not only on foot (those who are tired can go in carts with horses). Here you can see:

Church Of The Transfiguration. This building is 37 m high, built in 1714 without a single nail. The Church looks majestic, it has 22 domes.

Church of the intercession of the mother of God. It was erected half a century after the Transfiguration. It has 9 domes, which is a unique phenomenon for Russian wooden architecture.

Steepled bell tower. Thanks to her, ringing, notifying the beginning and end of service, is carried for several kilometers.

Chapel Of Archangel Michael. It restored the original interior, there is a two-tier iconostasis.

On the island there are peasant huts, mills, baths, built in the XIX century.

It is located 68 km from Petrozavodsk. In summer, you can get here by water transport from the local station (time on the road – 1 hour 15 minutes) or by boats of local residents from the village of Velikaya Guba.

Nature Reserve “Kivach»

It was founded in 1931 around the waterfall of the same name, which is one of the wonders of Karelia. In fact, it is a large Museum of nature with its ecological trails.

Nature Reserve “Kivach»

You can see here:

Arboretum. It was founded in 1947. Here fast-growing tree species were planted for planting in the regions. Not everyone has suffered a harsh climate, but today there are about 30 species of plants that have not previously been grown here.

The Kivach waterfall. Its height is 10.7 m. It looks like a huge staircase with steps. Guides tell ancient legends related to the history of its appearance.

Memorial to the fallen during the great Patriotic war.

Museum of nature, which contains samples of plants growing in the reserve.

The Kivach Nature Reserve, Karelia
The distance from Petrozavodsk in here – 60 km away and can be Reached by bus from the bus station (in the road – 1.5 hours).

Ruskeala mountain Park

This is a tourist complex, where people go for active rest and numerous entertainment. The Park hosts:

Ruskeala mountain Park

Underground tours. Guides are in artificial caves. There are rock niches, grottoes, a huge marble hall with columns. They are all well-lit by LEDs, thanks to which there is created a fabulous space. The place is called “Underground space”.

Excursions to Marble canyon. Have a great career there is a gorgeous viewing platforms. On the route there is a workshop on stone processing, where you can see how the master works, as well as buy Souvenirs.

Mountain Park Ruskeala, Karelia
It is better to get to the mountain Park by car or by bus. Distance from Petrozavodsk – about 250 km, will have to go more than 3 hours. Travel agencies carry tourists here all year round.

Marcial waters

This is the first Russian Spa and mud resort, founded in 1719 by Peter I. the Local waters are enriched with iron. People with blood diseases (iron deficiency anemia), as well as diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular, genitourinary systems come here for recovery. In 1990, a rehabilitation Center for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system was opened here. In 2003, on the site of the Royal Palace made sanatorium “Palaces”.

Marcial waters

There is a resort and attractions:

House-Museum of history;

Church of the apostles Peter and Paul – it was built in 1721.

The resort is located 50 km from Petrozavodsk. You can get here by bus, by private car.
What else to do in Karelia
There are many interesting places in Petrozavodsk. Guests of the city like to walk along the Onega embankment, in the city Park, in the zoo complex “Three bears”. Also in the capital of the Republic there are museums, art gallery, doll House.

Onega embankment
For beginners and for the pros on the territory of the Republic organises rafting or Canoeing, kayaking, rafting, kitesurfing, wakeboarding. Festivals are held here in summer.

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