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What tourists need to know about the country where there is a Ministry of happiness?
Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, now living king of Bhutan, is the smartest man. Thanks to the Oxford education of the young monarch knows what is missing Western tourists, and therefore…

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Children's theme parks, water parks, attractions in Thailand
Water attractions, bright shows, puppets and master classes – what are the options for outdoor activities in Thailand prefer families with children? Tourism authority of Thailand called 6 theme parks,…

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10 places to visit while traveling in Armenia
There are many interesting places and unique architectural monuments in Armenia, which are definitely worth seeing. This article will help to understand their diversity and highlight the main 10 attractions…

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Which tea to choose for tourists when visiting the tea rooms and mechinah countries

Analysts FAO (Food organization of the United Nations) published the TOP list of countries with the highest consumption of tea per capita…

Which tea to choose for tourists when visiting the tea and not the tea countries
What kind of tea to bring back from a holiday trip to “the tea” of the world?

Not tea countries consume little tea, but use it for industrial production
According to FAO, tea consumption per capita in the world varies greatly from country to country. For example, in mainly “coffee” countries drink it a little, all the tea is imported and, mainly, packaged. Tourists – lovers of tea here should count on fine and custard teas (except that in expensive and niche restaurants are not native to these countries cuisine). Continue reading

10 important sights of Bulgaria for every tourist

Known for its cuisine, friendly atmosphere, many ancient ruins, villages, soaring mountains and Sunny beaches, Bulgaria is undoubtedly among the best tourist destinations in Europe…

10 important sights of Bulgaria for every tourist

Natural and archaeological reserve at Cape Kaliakra
Location: 12 km East from the town of Quarona, 60 km North-East of Varna.

Natural and archaeological reserve at Cape Kaliakra
Kaliakra is a long and narrow headland in the southeastern part of Dobrudzha plateau. The shores of the Cape are distinguished by sheer cliffs, almost vertically hanging over the sea – their height reaches 70 m.

Kaliakra is a natural and archaeological reserve where you can observe dolphins, cormorants and pinnipeds in their natural habitat. It also shows the remains of the fortified walls, water-main, baths and residence of the despotate of Dobrudzha ruler Dobrotitsa, who moved the capital from Kavarna. Continue reading

What is lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy— lake Garda, one of the main natural attractions of this wonderful country. The scenery here is incredibly beautiful, and the coastal resorts like to relax the Italians themselves, which is the best recommendation for this place.

Tourist infrastructure on lake Garda is very well developed – travelers are waiting for great hotels, Italian restaurants, luxury Spas and entertainment for every taste.When to go

Lake Garda — Italy

The beach season on the lake lasts from June to September, but in June it often rains. The hottest months are July and August. At this time, the water in the lake warms up to 24-26 degrees, and the air temperature reaches an average of 30 degrees. Continue reading

Travel to Rome: tips for tourists and interesting facts

Some cities are irretrievably lost in the intricacies of history. But Rome is history itself, a majestic Empire that triumphed over the most vivid cultural and historical events that shaped the world’s heritage. You fall in love with the powerful beauty of the Italian capital immediately and forever.

The Colosseum, the APR 2019
You can admire the historical relics of the Italian capital both independently and as part of a sightseeing tour. Organized events are held by guides in Russian.

Interesting historical facts about Rome
It is impossible to describe in words the architectural masterpieces and cultural and historical treasures of Rome. Getting here, as if shrinking under the aura of his greatness and beauty. But to tell interesting facts about the features of the life of the ancient Romans is quite real: Continue reading

What attracts Finland in the summer for trips with children

Santa Claus and Moomin trolls, game parks and water parks, cruises and fishing, nature and natural products…

What attracts Finland in the summer for trips with children
Visit Finland has formulated 7 reasons to go to Finland on vacation with children.

In the “World of Moomins” everything is created for children: it is allowed to be naughty everywhere, to walk barefoot on the sand and cobblestones, there is natural pink cotton, lollipops and ice cream, and also be sure to cuddle with good Mummies
They are known and loved all over the world, and their blue house, the prototype of which was the lighthouse seen by Tove Jansson, has become one of the most replicated and recognizable buildings when it comes to Finland.

Have you guessed who it is? Of course it’s Moomin trolls! The fame of Moomin trolls, created by the famous Finnish artist and writer in 1945, has long stepped outside Finland. So in the town of Naantali, where on a separate very nice and very green island is a world of fairy-tale characters, tourists come from all over the world. Continue reading

If the police planted drugs — what to do?
Iny resident of Russia and even a tourist can get into a situation where people in police uniform, do not hesitate to throw up illegal drugs... If the police planted…


Garibaldi: the castle in the Samara region, where there is no end to lovers of photo shoots
Oddly enough it sounds, but the most beautiful castle in Russia, which is also a "luxury"-hotel, is located in a small village of Cartilage on the shore of the Zhiguli…


What attracts Finland in the summer for trips with children
Santa Claus and Moomin trolls, game parks and water parks, cruises and fishing, nature and natural products... What attracts Finland in the summer for trips with children Visit Finland has…


Controversial semi-erect seat in the low-cost airlines – the inevitable?
At the Paris air show, the Italian design company Avio Interiors presented not just the third generation of skyrider seats, but made an offer to low-cost airlines, which will be…